Since casino is a place where beliefs as contrasting as superstition and mathematics co-exist with each other seamlessly, one should not be surprised with the vast number of misconceptions and fallacies, which are mostly composed of illogical ideas, that players harbor.

Here are some common presumptions and misconceptions players should avoid to prevent losing money because of such harebrained beliefs:

Wrong Assumption #1: The casino will win all the time.

This misconception might have stemmed from the knowledge of the fact that the casino has the edge in all of its offered games. Well, they do have the advantage in every game that they offer but that does not mean that they will win every time. In fact, there are many players in the casino who are enjoying the lead against other players and even against the casino itself.

Besides, who would want to play in a place where it is impossible to win?

What is true, however, is that the casino would profit form every player playing their games. This is because of the house edge, a fixed percentage of the house’s advantage in virtually every gambling activity inside it.

To sum up, casinos do not win every time, they profit.

Wrong Assumption #2: New slot machines on the floor are ‘hot’ to encourage players.

There are reasons why this assumption is so busted. First, the house knows that players would play those new slots anyway so why would they bother to set them loose in giving away jackpots? And second, it is very probable that they are programmed to be random when the house places them on the gambling floor.

So go ahead and play that new slot on the block but do not be disappointed if you go home empty handed.

Wrong Assumption #3: The dealer will almost always have a 10 in the hole when playing blackjack.

A misconception than can be very well cleared up by simple study of card probability.

It is true that 10-value cards are the most likely value one will get because there are a total of 16 cards valued at 10 compared to other values that are only represented by 4 cards. However, the right way to look at it is by seeing the ratio of cards that are valued at 10 to cards valued otherwise, which is 16 to 36 or 1 10-value card for 2 and a quarter of a card the is not valued as such, making it more likely for anyone such as the dealer to get a card not valued at 10. Wrong Assumption #4: Casino games are all about pure luck.

Not entirely false but a misconception nonetheless. Yes, luck plays a central role in all casino games but some games are also about skill and strategy particularly in games such as blackjack and poker.

Making the right choices in these games matters as much as the luck involved as the right choices can give the players better odds and at some times, the winning edge against the house themselves.

Busting these misconceptions might be disturbing to some devout players as some of these assumptions are cherished beliefs handed down from generation to generation. Well it is one’s choice whether to stick with these illogical beliefs and wallow in ignorant bliss or shrug them off for a successful run at the casino.

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